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Internet café

Our internet café offers customers 6 safe and secure, up-to-date and maintained PC’s with a choice of Windows 10 or Windows XP Professional. At Gran Alacant Services you have full access to a wide range of software & services including:

  • CD/DVD/USB drive access
  • Windows 10 on 3 computers
  • Windows XP Professional on 3 computers
  • Skype – with or without web-camera
  • Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera & Safari web browsers
  • Microsoft Office/Libre Office for creating, editing & printing your documents
  • Video calling
  • Instant Messaging
  • Photo editing & printing
  • Flight booking & check-ins
  • Wireless 802.11ac 2.4/5Ghz & ethernet cables for laptops, notebooks, tablets & mobiles
  • Wireless printing


Office Services & Supplies

At Gran Alacant Services we provide a variety of services and retail basic office supplies and stationery. What can you expect?

  • A6 – A3 Printing, B&W/Colour Laser/Inkjet, Photographic Papers
  • A6 – A3 Photocopying, B&W/Colour Inkjet, Doublesided copies
  • Faxing
  • Scanning
  • Comb Binding
  • Laminating – A4/A3
  • CDs/DVDs
  • CD/DVD burning
  • Worldwide Phonecalls
  • Envelopes (DL, C5, C4)
  • Reams of Copy paper (white, 80gsm, 500 sheets)


Books Exchange / Buy

Our book exchange is  quite popular. Why not recycle your books with us or if you see a book you would like to borrow but don’t have a book on you at that time – just take it and simply bring it back or make it yours to keep .


Free Newspapers & Publications

Pick up the latest edition of various newspapers, local magazines such as Gran Alacant Advertiser or All Abroad from our office.


Pets Policy

Please note that due to legal reasons we are unable to allow dogs inside of our premises, with the sole exception of dogs that provide aid.


Secure & Private

All of our computers are protected with individual Antivirus & firewall, your session details are wiped from our computers, thus ensuring your details remain private.

In addition to this our network is protected by dedicated redundant firewall servers, which provide virus scanning, ad blocking and other enhancements to our network security & performance.

Routine maintenance and computer repair is regularly carried out on our computers by our sister company Sol Computers, who provide all the technical services and is situated next door to the café.

Service Quantity/SizePrice
Minimum charge - 1.00€

Internet (PAYG)

1 hr  2.60€


Internet (Prepaid)

10 hrs 23.00€

Internet (Prepaid)

20 hrs 40.00€

Internet (Prepaid)

30 hrs 58.00€


Printing/Copies  (B&W)

per copy 0.25€

Printing/Copies (Light Colour)

per copy 0.35€

Printing/Copies (Partial Colour)

per copy 0.40€

Printing/Copies (Full Colour)

per copy 0.75€

Printing (Photo paper)

per copy 2.50€



Passport/Residencia 2.00€


A4 2.00€


Fax – Spain (1st page)


Fax – Spain (further pages)



Fax – EU (1st page)


Fax – EU (further pages)



Fax – Rest of the World


Fax – Rest of the World (further pages)



Fax – Receive only

per page 1.50€


Scan (1st page)


Scan (Further pages)


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