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Phone & Mobile Services

At our office in Gran Alacant you can call landlines worldwide at a fraction of the cost of conventional payphones!

Typical cost: Calls to the UK from only 13c/min (incl. IVA)

You can dial direct when calling the UK, no need for a prefix (0044 or +44). Calls can be made to 0845 numbers not normally reachable from a Spanish landline.

Minimum charge: 0.50c

You can call UK mobile phones from 0.40c/min (incl. IVA)


Mobile Topups

International mobile phone topups are also available from our office from 5.00€ upwards for all mobile networks.


Mobile Phone SIM Cards

Gran Alacant Services are authorised distributors for Hits Mobile and JazzCard Móvil, purchasable in store. You can also have your existing SIM card cut-down to fit other mobiles or use SIM adaptors to fit an older mobile phone. See below for current tariffs:

Mobile Phone Unlocking

Is your phone locked to your network? We can help! Our mobile phone unlocking service covers a broad range of common makes of mobile phones. Prices vary depending on the particular model of your mobile phone, please visit us or contact us for details.


Mobile Phone & Tablet Repairs

Through Sol Computers we are able to provide a variety of repairs for mobile devices, from battery replacement, data extraction, to screen/case repair. Please contact us directly for more details.

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